Berklee is over – special news…

Berklee 5-week program 2015 was a real eye-opener for me to see American education in regards to music and the arts. The campus was in buildings scattered around the new central dining and accommodation tower. These were a jaunt to get to in the 10-minute breaks we were allowed to change rooms with, but the facilities ranged from enclosed practise rooms to the Berklee Performance Centre (BPC), where I have performed for both the Musical Theatre Ensemble and the Salsa group in the Blowout concerts! Many excellent and gifted musicians on one stage was uplifting – some brilliant stuff all-round.

On the night of the blowout concert, the names were announced for the scholarships which we all auditioned for as part of the course. I was very happy to see that many of my fellow musicians were given some big awards! I was also very happy and stunned to see my own name up there too.  The email I got says “We are pleased to offer you a $10000 scholarship toward our full time undergraduate program at our Boston campus” – each year for the next four years.  I am honoured to have been chosen by Berklee for such a prestigious degree course, and it certainly gives me a lot to consider!

Thank you to all who helped me get to Berklee this year. The tutors at the program, many of which are alumni, are excellent in their respective fields, knowing not only exactly what you need help with but also how to help from your point of view! I chose and added as many labs, groups, master classes and ensembles as I could on the ‘you get what you put in’ mind-set, and that’s definitely what I got – some great friends from not only across the pond but also from around the world, a year-and-a half’s worth of material (which broke my folder the first time round!), great advice and most importantly inspiration to achieve what I want to achieve!

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